Public Auto Auctions Shows Off New Model – of its App

App version 2.0 touts better performance, increased privacy and new locations


(Atlanta, Ga), May 2, 2019 /Prexly/ -– Nitro Web Productions, Inc. unveiled version 2.0 of its Public Auto Auctions App recently – and it comes with something special under the hood.

Public Auto Auctions 2.0 is built on Google's new Flutter framework, improving the app's ability to pull up and locate auto auctions near its users with better speed, performance and stability. The new version also features an updated list of auctions, including police auctions, public auctions, tow and impound auctions, and even dealer-only auctions – all without having to enter any personal information or go through any registration.

"We wanted the Public Auto Auctions app to be a resource for anyone looking for used cars near them," says Nitro Web Productions, Inc. Owner/CEO Jason Parker. "Auctions are a lot of fun and a great place to find amazing deals on great cars with a clean titles. But, for some reason, people are intimidated by them. We want to change that. With our new app, people can look, shop, compare and explore the world of auto auctions easily and anonymously."

While many of the auctions will list all of their cars right on the app, some do not, which is why the new Public Auto Auctions App includes an Auction Locator feature to help users find nearby auto auctions and get GPS directions.

"Instead of spending way too much money on down payments and interest at a dealership, consider giving auctions a try," says Parker. "At an auction, you can buy an amazing car at a cash price that could save you a lot of money versus the traditional car buying process. Plus, they're fun!"

The Public Auto Auctions V 2.0 App is currently available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. Nitro Web Productions, Inc. Owner/CEO Jason Parker is available to answer questions about the new app. To schedule an interview, contact Nitro Web Productions, Inc. at

Contact:  Jason Parker, Owner/CEO, Nitro Web Productions, Inc.
Phone:    219-267-1110
Date:       May 2, 2019


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